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As one of the leading Supply teaching agencies in North Wales, we are able to source local talent no matter what role you’re seeking. From Midday Supervisors to Headteachers. Get in touch today!

Excell Supply Schools

Connect with North Wales, Shropshire, Cheshire, and Wirral’s Finest Education Talent at Excell Supply! We’re just a click or a call away…

Excell Supply – Connecting Schools with Top Education Talent in North Wales, Flintshire, and Chester

Are you seeking local talent for your school? Look no further! At Excell Supply, we have the expertise to source the perfect candidates, from Midday Supervisors to Headteachers. Get in touch with us today!

Excell Supply Schools

Welcome to Excell Supply! We are your one-stop solution for connecting with the finest education talent in North Wales, Shropshire, Cheshire, and Wirral. Whether you need educators in advance or at the last minute, we’ve got you covered!

Finding the right educators on short notice can be challenging and disruptive, but not with Excell Supply by your side. Our seasoned experts in education recruitment have extensive experience in identifying and delivering the ideal talent that perfectly matches your requirements, bringing exceptional value to your school.

Our dedicated consultants specialise in various fields, including Early Years, Primary, Secondary, Further Education, and Higher Education. With their expertise, they will assist you in finding the best candidates for your school’s needs.

Excell Supply is committed to making a significant impact on local areas across the North. We passionately represent value-add and purpose-driven education talent from your region.  Keep up with our latest ventures on our Facebook or Instagram pages!

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    As an education recruitment company, the safety and security of your pupils remain our paramount concern.  This is why we are proud to say that we are REC Audited Education gold standard members and we abide by the REC Code of Professional Practice.   You can rest assured that we take this responsibility seriously. Each candidate we represent has undergone a rigorous vetting process, clearing every stage with utmost diligence. This ensures that only the most qualified and trustworthy professionals become part of our network.


    When you partner with Excell Supply, you can be confident that the educators and support staff we present to you are not only exceptional in their skills but also meet the highest standards of reliability and integrity.  Every step of the recruitment process is managed by a dedicated compliance team, and then reviewed by our compliance manager before being cleared for work in schools.  You can rest assured that every ‘i’ has been dotted and ‘t’ has been crossed.


    Your school’s success and the well-being of your students are at the heart of what we do. Let Excell Supply provide you with the finest education talent and peace of mind, knowing that your institution is supported by the best individuals who are thoroughly vetted and committed to excellence.

    • Face To Face Interviews
    • Enhanced DBS (Update Service)
    • Full Employment History
    • Qualifications
    • EWC Registration
    • Eligibility to work in the UK
    • Photographic ID
    • Detailed Reference Check
    • Children’s Barred List Check
    • Medical Check
    If you’d like to talk to us more about our methods of safeguarding, our Account Managers would be happy to provide you with any further information that you require, or view our safeguarding policy here.


    At Excell Supply, we believe in fostering a safe and welcoming environment for all, especially children. That’s why safeguarding is an integral part of our commitment to our candidates and the schools they serve.

    Safeguarding in schools matters:

    • Child safety is paramount: It’s everyone’s responsibility to protect children from harm.
    • Early intervention is crucial: Recognising and reporting concerns at the earliest stage can prevent escalation and minimise harm.
    • Open communication is key: Building trust and encouraging candidates to raise concerns without fear helps create a safer environment for everyone.
    • Professionalism and compliance: Reporting concerns appropriately ensures swift action and adheres to legal requirements.

    Excell Supply is here to support you:

    • Training and resources: We provide our candidates with regular Twilight safeguarding training and relevant resources to equip them with the knowledge and confidence to identify and report potential concerns.
    • Clear reporting procedures: We have a clear and accessible process for reporting any safeguarding concerns, whether within the school environment or related to Excell Supply itself.
    • Dedicated support: You are not alone. Our Education Advisors, and our Account Manager team is available to offer guidance and support throughout the reporting process.


    • If you witness or suspect any form of child abuse or neglect, whether within the school setting or elsewhere, it’s your duty to report it. Please use the button below to begin a submission.
    • Report any concerns to the designated safeguarding lead at the school immediately.
    • If you have any concerns about Excell Supply’s practices or encounters with a potential candidate, you can report them through our confidential internal reporting channels.

    By working together and prioritising safeguarding, we can create a safer future for children and a more responsible and fulfilling experience for our candidates.

    Excell Supply – Connecting Schools with Top Education Talent in North Wales, Flintshire, and Chester

    Excell Supply extends its services as one of the leading supply teaching agencies in North Wales, aiming to match schools with exceptional educators and make a significant impact on local areas! Passionately representing value-add and purpose-driven education talent from your region is at the core of Excell Supply’s mission. We boast a dedicated compliance team that ensures a smooth and straightforward onboarding process while maintaining a thorough assessment, ensuring that our educators are cleared quickly and are aligned with your school’s values and mission.

    Our teams are seasoned experts in education recruitment, equipped with extensive experience to identify and deliver the ideal talent that perfectly suits your requirements, bringing exceptional value to your school.

    Whether you need professionals for Early Years, Primary, Secondary, Further Education, or Higher Education, our dedicated consultants possess specialised expertise to assist you in the best possible way.