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Behaviour Tip 2

  • Classroom Management

Published on: Tuesday, 25th Oct 2022

We will be sending regular updates that we receive from CPI Pivotal Behaviour Training.  These will be handy tips to help you with many aspects of classroom management!  Here's this handy countdown tip: Tip #2: "Countdown"  A good technique for getting...

The Curriculum for Wales guidance

  • Curriculum

Published on: Friday, 5th Mar 2021

The Curriculum for Wales guidance aims to help each school develop its own curriculum, enabling their learners to develop towards the four purposes of the curriculum – the starting point and aspiration for every child and young person in Wales.  Please...

Furlough / JRS information update

Published on: Friday, 17th Jul 2020

Primary Team Picks Worthy Award Winners

Published on: Monday, 16th Apr 2018

  It is our pleasure to reveal the winners of our Temp of the Term prizes for January-March.  With each account manager now having the difficult decision of choosing a winner, we were very busy last week as a total...

Temp of the Term Winners to be Revealed

Published on: Friday, 23rd Mar 2018

We are in the process of choosing the winners of our Temp of the Term awards for the last term, with an unprecedented SEVEN people being recognised for their hard work over the last few months.  Each account manager will...

Sam Shares His School Experience

Published on: Friday, 19th Jan 2018

As a former teaching assistant himself, Sam was the ideal appointment when Excell Supply was looking for a new account manager to look after our teaching assistants this time last year.  Twelve months into his time with Excell and Sam...