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National Training offer for NQTs

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Published on: Friday, 30th Jun 2023

📢 Hello NQTs! 🎉 Here is the National Training Offer for NQTs next term. We are passionate about empowering newly qualified teachers (NQTs) to embark on a successful career journey, whether in permanent roles or as supply teachers. 📚 Enhancing Your Skills At...

Behaviour Tip 2

  • Classroom Management

Published on: Tuesday, 25th Oct 2022

We will be sending regular updates that we receive from CPI Pivotal Behaviour Training.  These will be handy tips to help you with many aspects of classroom management!  Here's this handy countdown tip: Tip #2: "Countdown"  A good technique for getting...

NQT Checklist for September

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Published on: Monday, 15th Aug 2022

A New Year NQT checklist that will calm that inner-voice and get the first day fears back in their box! Every single teacher that begins a new role, whether they have been teaching for one, or twenty years will get...

The Curriculum for Wales guidance

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Published on: Friday, 5th Mar 2021

The Curriculum for Wales guidance aims to help each school develop its own curriculum, enabling their learners to develop towards the four purposes of the curriculum – the starting point and aspiration for every child and young person in Wales.  Please...

NQT Induction News

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Published on: Thursday, 21st Jan 2021

Changes to the Professional Skills Tests

Published on: Wednesday, 14th Feb 2018

If you are planning on taking the professional skills tests anytime soon, then you'll want to read on... What are the changes? The limit of 3 test attempts per subject is being removed. As of 14 February 2018 you will have unlimited attempts...

Sam Shares His School Experience

Published on: Friday, 19th Jan 2018

As a former teaching assistant himself, Sam was the ideal appointment when Excell Supply was looking for a new account manager to look after our teaching assistants this time last year.  Twelve months into his time with Excell and Sam...

NQT Training Agenda-Wrexham

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Published on: Friday, 13th Nov 2015

TO Headteachers, NQT School Based Mentors and NQTs NQT Training I am writing to inform you that training has been arranged for NQTs as part of their programme of induction. The training will take place on Thursday 19th November all...

5 Star Feedback for Training Session

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Published on: Wednesday, 15th Apr 2015

During the Easter Holidays on Tuesday 31st March 2015, we held a free training session for our primary teachers through education specialist training company, Creative in Excellence. The course was run by the Deputy Head Teacher of Ysgol Emmanuel in Rhyl...


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Published on: Wednesday, 18th Mar 2015

During the Easter Holidays on Tuesday 31st March 2015, we will be holding our next training session for our primary teachers, “The Curriculum” at Unit 12 of the Business park in Mold, Flintshire. The session will run from 9 AM until 12 PM.   This...