Champagne Moments in Supply Teaching

Published on: Friday, 23rd Feb 2024

It was this time last year that we got a call from Ysgol Llywelyn in true end of term panic mode – they needed a supply teacher!  And not just any supply teacher would do, this was for the entire 2017/18 academic year after one of their own staff, a senior leader, was offered a secondment opportunity in another school.

After going through the options available with Excell and selecting from our shortlist, Llywelyn asked to meet with Hannah to discuss the position and the rest is history.

A full academic year later and here we are, saying goodbye to Hannah as she has now been offered a full-time contract with Ysgol Llywelyn, capping off a fantastic year at the school.  Thank you Hannah for your unbelievable efforts this year, we couldn’t think of a more deserving teacher to secure a job with one of our schools.

Finding the right candidates for the right positions is what we love most about what we do –  success stories like Hannah’s at the end of another long, hard year remind us why we keep coming back for more every September.

Now pass the bubbly.

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