Chester Zoo 10K Run for Nature sponsorship

Published on: Wednesday, 28th Feb 2024

πŸƒ Join us in Supporting Lyndsay Andrews’ 10K Run for Nature at Chester Zoo! 🌿🐘

Elephants in Chester Zoo

We’re thrilled to announce that Lyndsay Andrews, our dedicated Director here at Excell Supply, is lacing up her running shoes for an incredible cause! On Sunday, September 24, Lyndsay will be taking part in the Chester Zoo 10K Run for Nature – an event that aims to make a real difference in the world of conservation.

About the Event: The Chester Zoo 10K Run for Nature is back with a brand-new look and a renewed mission. Unlike previous years, the zoo itself has taken the lead in organising this event, aligning its efforts with the cause of boosting conservation initiatives. This year’s run is all about rallying support to save endangered Asian elephants.

Lyndsay’s Mission: Lyndsay Andrews is committed to making every stride count as she races through Chester Zoo’s stunning grounds. The 10K route will take her past the habitats of majestic elephants, playful giant otters, and graceful giraffes, creating an awe-inspiring backdrop for this impactful run.

Why Support Lyndsay: By sponsoring Lyndsay’s run, you’re not only encouraging her determination and dedication but also contributing to a cause that’s larger than any individual effort. The funds raised through this event will play a crucial role in supporting Chester Zoo’s groundbreaking efforts to combat the Elephant Endotheliotropic Herpesvirus (EEHV), a deadly virus threatening Asian elephant populations worldwide.

How You Can Help: Your support matters, and there are several ways you can get involved:

  • Sponsor Lyndsay: Your generous contribution will directly aid the fight against EEHV and help secure a brighter future for Asian elephants.
  • Spread the Word: Share this post to help raise awareness about Lyndsay’s run and the urgent need for elephant conservation.
  • Join the Fun: Are you feeling the excitement? You can also participate in the Chester Zoo 10K Run for Nature and experience the thrill firsthand.

Rewards of Giving: As a token of their appreciation, Chester Zoo has stated that top fundraisers will have the opportunity to win fantastic prizes, including annual memberships, animal experiences, meal vouchers for The Oakfield gastropub, and even animal adoptions.

Make an Impact: By supporting Lyndsay and the Chester Zoo 10K Run for Nature, you’re joining a community of passionate individuals dedicated to making a real change for Asian elephants. Let’s stand together against EEHV and work towards securing a safer, healthier future for these majestic creatures.

Ready to Support? Click hereΒ for more details on how you can contribute and help us make this run a resounding success. Your support can truly make a difference – for Lyndsay, for Chester Zoo, and most importantly, for the future of Asian elephants.

Let’s make this run for nature count! 🌍🐾 #RunForNature #ChesterZoo10K #ExcellSupplySupports

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