Supply Teaching: Essential Skills

Published on: Friday, 23rd Feb 2024

Supply Teaching: Essential Skills

Excel in supply teaching with essential skills from Excell Supply. Embarking on a journey in supply teaching? Explore how mastering ‘Supply Teaching: Essential Skills’ can be your ticket to success with Excell Supply.  At Excell Supply, we understand that many educators find supply teaching appealing for its flexibility compared to permanent teaching positions. Whether it’s a temporary role while you await the perfect permanent position or a means to achieve a better work-life balance, supply teaching has its unique advantages.

As you embark on this journey, it’s essential to hone certain skills that can make you a successful supply teacher. Let’s delve into the crucial skills that can set you on the path to excellence in the world of supply teaching.

1. Exceptional Organisation Skills. a number of organisational buzz words such as 'success' and 'Daily Goals' written in white on a black background in handwriting font.

One of the significant distinctions between permanent teaching and supply teaching is the unpredictability of your teaching location. You might find yourself in a different school every week or even every day. Possessing excellent organisational skills will enable you to adapt swiftly, ensuring minimal disruptions to your teaching routine.

Plan your route to the school in advance and have some standby lesson plans in the case that the teacher you are covering has had to suddenly leave.  You can find free resources on sites such as Twinkl who have a whole section dedicated to supply teachers! This preparation ensures you arrive promptly and well-prepared for the day’s lessons.

A number of hands up in a classroom with the teacher standing at the front of the class out of focus.


2. Masterful Classroom Management

Supply teaching can be a test of your classroom management skills. Students may sometimes push the boundaries when a supply teacher steps in. Maintaining control and managing the classroom effectively are critical aspects of being a successful supply teacher.

Since you’ll be teaching in various schools regularly, you may encounter varying behavioural challenges. Being equipped to handle these situations will prevent distractions and keep the lessons on track.


3. Effective Communication SkillsBlue background with a number of paper cut out speech bubbles in purples, blues and yellows.

Effective communication is key in supply teaching. Building rapport with students through clear communication ensures a smoother lesson execution.

Additionally, strong communication with fellow staff members is crucial. You’ll need to quickly grasp the requirements for the lesson, understand school policies, and be aware of any important information. Often, the teacher you’re replacing may be pressed for time, so your ability to communicate efficiently is invaluable.



red paper ripped across revealing white paper with the word 'adaptability' written.4. Adaptability

Flexibility is one of the major perks of supply teaching. It allows you to maintain a work-life balance, but it also demands a flexible mindset.

Supply teachers often receive short notice for assignments due to unexpected staff absences. You might find yourself in a new school, teaching a subject outside your specialty. Embracing this flexibility will help you thrive in the fast-paced world of supply teaching.

Ready to Embark on Your Supply Teaching Journey with Excell Supply?

If you’re eager to take on the challenge of supply teaching, consider joining the Excell Supply community. We specialise in education recruitment, serving North Wales, Cheshire, the Wirral, and Shropshire. We can help you find fulfilling supply teaching opportunities across various educational establishments, from primary to secondary education. Excel in supply teaching with essential skills from Excell Supply…Join us today and embark on a rewarding supply teaching adventure!

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