So-long, Sarah

Published on: Friday, 23rd Feb 2024

Today was the end of an era!

As a recruitment company we have grown used to saying goodbye to our staff over the years, but sometimes the farewells are a little more significant.

This morning, Excell Director Lyndsay said goodbye to one of Excell’s first ever supply teachers! Sarah has been with the team since day one, working five days a week since first registering with us way back in 2011. Lyndsay said:

“Sarah has been nothing but the model supply teacher. Reliable, professional and an excellent practitioner. Sarah has worked in continual long terms at various schools in Flintshire and Wrexham. She has never had a day off sick and she’s received Temp of the Term on more than one occasion.

She is exactly what we look for in our supply teachers and that’s why she’s been so successful in long term supply. Sarah has secured permanent work where she is relocating to be with her boyfriend in Northampton. I wish her every success and know that this move is the start of brilliant things for her.”

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