Table For 2 – Lunch on Us

Published on: Saturday, 20th Jul 2024

It was lunchtime for our secondary team today as Lee served up #LunchOnUs to two of our Cover Supervisors at Castell Alun.  Hannah (pictured centre) has been working at the school in an ongoing role since April and will be finishing the year there, whereas Amanda (pictured right) completes day to day supply across a number of schools, but is a popular choice in particular for Castell Alun.  Cover Supervisor roles can be some of the more challenging for supply staff but both have been excellent examples of how it should be done, so thanks to the both of you for all of your effort and hard work.

We hope both of them enjoy a smooth end to the academic year as the majority of schools close their doors for the Summer next week. As for September, Hannah is sadly leaving us to embark on a Masters course, but we will look forward to welcoming back Amanda (as will several of our schools).

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